Thursday, April 12, 2012

Bead Soup

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I  am still in the process of moving my Blog to Blogger, and I sure hope I can figure out pictures here in this post.
I just found out that  I am one of the lucky winners of the Cup of Bead Soup Lottery for April/May!

I am so excited! For so many reasons really,
 but two really stick out.

First, I really love the Bead Soup projects Lori Anderson has posted in the past.
she is incredibly creative and makes jewelry I would wear every day if I could. When she recently changed her project to include other designers, I was very excited. I love to see what different designers do with the same beads. I didn't think I would get a chance to participate!
Here is a picture and a link to the last reveal with a really great blue polymer clay  bead set from Barbara Bechtel.
Cup Of Bead Soup Reveal

Secondly! And wow I just cant wait here.
I haven't been this excited to start a project in a long time
I JUST LOVE the CUTE BIRD FOCAL and lovely spring color palate of the beads for this soup.
The beads are made by Nan Emmet of Spirited Earth Ceramics on Etsy.  You can find her shop here:
Spirited Earth Ceramics

There is a little picture of the beads above but I am hoping to figure out how to move that button so here is a bigger picture:
Here are some more photos of Nan's Beads so you can see how fantastic her work is!
She uses lovely pastels to color her beads and pendants, I cant wait to have the beads in my hands. My next move is to go out to the bead room and try to figure out what I can use with them to do these beads justice!

 Wish me luck!

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