Monday, May 21, 2012

Blue Bird Winner!

First I really want to thank EVERYONE for their fantastic comments. You all made me feel so great about my work this weekend.

This morning I am on the run. The camera has been reserved by my son for a school project so while I have the birds in my hands, I am the only one that can see them, well Roxy took a look too but as shes a Yorkie, and it was not a dog treat, she was not impressed.

I am POSITIVE our winner will love them though, and I promise a picture before they leave here on the way to her, even if i have to take it on my iphone.
I downloaded a random number generator for my iphone and came up with Nancy at Rising Designs as my winner this round.
Congrats to Nancy, I will email you shortly.


  1. Wow Carrie,
    Thank you! You really know how to brighten
    someone's day!! I feel like a very lucky lady
    Thank you, again and again.

  2. Oh, and just one more thing- I feel like two, not one little bluebird of happiness just knocked on my door!!
    I love these little birds- I hope your day is as wonderful as mine!!